Sunday, September 27, 2009

copy problems with my Seagate Freeagent pro

I got a Seagate FreeAgent Pro "Classic" over a year ago and hadn't really used it until my other Seagate started having problems (I detailed that in a prior blog post).

I was trying to copy music files from my old drive to my new FreeAgent pro but the copy process would freeze and I'd have to either shutdown the drive or reboot the whole computer.

My motherboard is a Asus P5N E SLI, which I purchased September of 2007.

I did go to the ASUS support site and then also found an account of a user having a similar issue on the Toms Hardware boards:

After upgrading with the JMicron SATA driver I didn't experience the issue anymore; although my drive isn't recognized anymore as a FreeAgent drive when I open up My Computer or the FreeAgent software. Oh well, small loss.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mount Zirkel - Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend I went to climb Mount Zirkel.

Attendees - besides myself included: Dave, Emily, Tanya and Dave's college friend Colin.

The trip basically lasted through Monday and besides climbing Mount Zirkel we were also able to hang out in Steamboat and go to a local hot springs Sunday night.

For my future notes I did fail to bring some items for the trip that would have made it a little nicer.
  1. Binoculars
  2. Higher ankle support boot although my Keen shoes worked quite well.
  3. Video camera bag since my Canon HV20 seemed to stop working completely due to excessive jostling.
  4. Other snacks besides Clif shots and Clif bars
  5. Blow up pillow
  6. A reminder to myself not to buy Backpackers freeze dried Pad See Yew again