Friday, February 26, 2010

Hot Swap/Fast Swap on WLS using OEPE

Testing fast swap today using OEPE on WLS server(s).

Part of the day I was wondering if there's a difference in how hot swap works with weblogic-application.xml versus weblogic.xml.

It seemed with some dynamic web projects with a JSP that referenced a POJO fast swap - and fast swap was enabled in the EAR's weblogic-application.xml - messages didn't seem to be logged versus when fastswap was enabled in weblogic.xml in the actual project, they were. Make sense?

Tested fast swap too in debug mode but isn't that kinda redundant? Fast Swap/Hot Swap has been in the debug mode of WLS for a long time right? So how does enabling fast swap when Debug mode essentially hot redeploy?

At least that's my impression from this article: