Tuesday, April 21, 2009

100% return on my last deposit at Full Tilt Poker

January 2006 I deposited 500 dollars in my Full Tilt Account. This last weekend I was up to 1003 dollars and whatever cents. I guess I can celebrate a milestone and accomplishment that I've been meaning to achieve for the last 3 years!

Great day of skiing last day of season at Winter Park

I've been skiing about ten times this year but the last day of season at Winter Park Resort was memorable not only for the skiing but the whole day from greeting the day in Longmont to finally going to bed back in Boulder...

One of things I like to do when I ski is not ski the whole day and preferably the second half! Regardless of which side of the ski day I choose, I can get plenty of skiing enjoyment in three or four hours.

After waking up with Kary I left for Boulder by about 10 AM. After being in Boulder and finally deciding to ski I loaded up the car and left by 11:30 AM.

Since I had gotten some new music I was psyched to listen to that in the car: Prince's new CDs, Joe Bonamassa and John Mayer's Try! I also had a book on CD too: IdleWild by Nick Sagan.

By the time I had gotten up to Winter Park I was able find parking close to the slopes since some people like to ski early and leave by 12:30 or 1 PM. That makes getting on the slope to ski a straightforward affair. I only had to walk 300 feet from the Corona Parking area before I was able to ski down to the base of Mary Jane.

Once on the mountain I took advantage of checking out the new lifts that had been installed since the 2007-2008 season: Panoramic Express and Eagle Wind.

I got in about seven runs and got to experience plenty of powder since it had snowed.

I got back in the car by 4:15 and left to get back to the Front Range. Close to Berthoud Pass I picked up two snowboarders who were doing runs from the top and was able to drop them off back at their truck at the top.

Another feature to late season spring skiing is the lack of traffic. I got to Golden in good time without waiting in stop and start traffic.

Once in Golden I stopped by the Ali Baba Grill and ate Lamb Curry; one of my favorite dishes.

Back in Boulder I took a bath and then watched the Amazing Race and some other tv before finishing up with some reading at the end of the night.

A great day!

Lessons from visiting Rocky Mountain Urgent Care

I went to Rocky Mountain Urgent Care in Boulder last Friday and came back from my visit with a valuable lesson. If you need specialized care then RMUC is not the place for you.

I had a cold about 3 weeks ago and suffered from the symptoms for about two weeks. Unfortunately I had a remaining tightness and discomfort in my throat whenever I swallowed (disphagia) so I went to my ENT doctor's office and saw my ENT doctor's physician assistant.

She checked my out and threaded an endoscope down my nose but didn't see anything besides some minor redness. She offered to prescribe prednisolone and I accepted. I picked up the prescription a couple of days later. Since I still felt the disphagia and wanted a second opinion I went to RMUC on Friday. Unfortunately I wasted time and money since they are a general urgent care practice.

RMUC didn't have a scope to thread down my throat and take another look. If I needed that they said I would have to go to a specialist or the emergency room at a local hospital.

More to come later...