Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to win friends and influence people

You've seen this book and maybe like me you've perused it casually, seen it at the bookstore, thought about the title, but never actually read it.

It's also in book on tape format and this was my most recent view of it; and out of all places, a former colleague of mine's car.

I spied it in my former colleague's car on his second to last day at the firm as we drove back from his going away lunch.

The hilarity of it is that the day before I wished him well and complimented him on his people skills as a manager.

Little did I know I'd find the secret to his success the next day.

The irony is that most geeks I work with are not very personable and socially awkward.

So listen here you fellow geeks, pick up a copy of this book and better yet, buy it for your cassette or CD player on your way to work, so you too can be a people person and move into managing your fellow more socially incompetent geek squad members.