Monday, August 22, 2011

Fair Game - Brief review

Saw the movie Fair Game a few days ago.

I'd recommend it since it condenses the story-line, leading up to and through the first part of the Iraq war, of the major and sidelined players who were influential and non-influential, respectively, in the shaping of our eventual involvement in Iraq.

In some ways it's a movie of how the Bush administration shaped intelligence to suit their policy for invading Iraq, going against some formidable evidence that Saddam wasn't pursuing weapons of mass destruction; principally, that he was NOT buying Yellow Cake from Niger.

I really enjoyed the performances of Sean Penn and Naomi Watts.

Another notable thing about watching the Blu-ray was the background commentary done by the former CIA analyst Valeria Plame and her husband Joe Wilson. Usually, this is done by the director and actors but not the actual real-life people that the movie is about. That was an unexpected bonus; although they were limited in their comments due to possible liability and non-disclosure agreements they've been bound to.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Highlighting in Windows command window suspends running programs

I use the command window quite a bit in Windows and have noticed that with some Windows versions, highlighting requires you to explicitly choose Mark and then select the text while other command windows you left or right click and highlighting happens automatically.

Automatic highlighting seems to be easier to do in more recent of versions of Windows; especially Windows 2008 Server, R2.

At work, I almost always run our principal application through the Windows command prompt as Administrator.

The problem though is that I would highlight and cause our BATCH application to suspend, without me knowing that I was going into suspend mode.

And learned as of yesterday, to un-suspend, the user needs to hit the ESCAPE key or use the keystroke CTRL-C in the command window.