Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rebuild project of 18 year old Mansfield Toilet

I just completed a toilet rebuild last weekend. The toilet began leaking a year or two ago; especially during warm weather.

Although I wasn't working the whole time the total time from start to finish was a half day. I did initial work and investigations starting Friday night, I let the tank dry out overnight, and I finished about 1 PM the following day having started around 10 AM with the installation of the new parts on the tank.

Actual time working was probably around 4 hours.

Work entailed replacing the fill valve, flush valve, new bolts attaching the tank to the bowl, new shutoff valve and supply line too.

New shutoff valve
New Supply Line to Tank
All parts replaced in dry tank
Tank full with water

All parts were ordered from Mansfield and the cost was just under 50 bucks. I went to Home Depot for the new shutoff valve and supply line.

Total cost was about 60 bucks.

Issues encountered after the replacement was slight leaking from one of the bolts, which I had to tighten down more to prevent further leakage.

As mentioned on my Twitter post, I'd say this home project was a 2-3 out of 10.

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