Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Finally resolved inability to change WebEx One Click Meeting Topic

When I first started using WebEx 3 years ago for my current job I accidentally set the WebEx One-click meeting topic to my colleagues' name.

When I tried to update the one click meeting topic it wasn't very intuitive and I gave up pretty quick.

I tried looking a couple of times when WebEx would launch but there didn't seem to be a way to do it in Meeting Center when you were actually in a meeting.

Finally decided to do another Google search and came up with Cornell's site:

Cornell's web site

Basically, you need to go to the WebEx Meeting Center website, which in my case is Meeting Center.

Then you click My WebEx on the top task bar in the browser winder, This will bring up a new page and on the left hand side gutter, click on Productivity Tools Setup.

When the Productivity Tools Setup page appears, there should be a 'virtual' card that appears in the middle of the screen.  Click Edit Settings on the top right of the card.

Then you'll be able to edit your meeting topic name.

Wouldn't it be easier for WebEx to have a global settings link from the Meeting Center main page instead of burying a change in settings with multiple mouse clicks?