Thursday, October 18, 2012

IPV6 Testing

Doing some IPV6 testing this week with our application server within a clustered setup.

IPV6 addresses can be a little intimidating.

For example would you like to connect to server with an address like this?


I can certainly remember a lot easier or a whole host of other IPV4 addresses compared to what in store for us down the road.

Thanks to DNS I won't have to remember too much, but still, it's nice to have some IP addresses committed to memory.

When I use the IPV6 I also have to put it in square brackets when using it in a browser.

For example


a little cumbersome.

Also there a %11 that needs to be appended to the address for Windows machines, it seems, in the hosts file.

Otherwise you might not see the machine when you try to ping it


Ping on the command line is also different

ping -6

instead of classic ping that doesn't have the dash 6.