Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tough Mudder Beaver Creek - June 9th, 2012

Did Tough Mudder, Beaver Creek for the second year in a row last weekend. Thankfully it was a sunny day and warm because it was a tougher course due to longer mileage, higher elevation gain and some tougher obstacles at the end of the course.

I signed up last September, which saved me quite a bit of money over registering late; although the total cost was still about $118.00.

The group I did it with (from work) was a little bigger this year but by the start time it was more fragmented due to some people deciding to start earlier, or not starting at all due to being injured before race day.

I'd definitely say that the mileage affected me more this year and due to a few more colds over the winter, and early spring I was unable to train for the event as much as I wanted.

As a sample of the course here is a video of the hill climb we had in the middle of the race:

For this year I got rid of the camelback and found the aid stations sufficient. I kept the small fanny pack for sunscreen, gloves and video camera. I also kept the neoprene vest for the water/mud sections and to keep my torso and shoulders from getting scuffed up too much.  If I do the race next year I'll keep the vest and fanny pack.

I think for next year, if they have a similar course layout, I'll probably pack knee pads since the course obstacles had a lot more crawling than last year.

And, since I forgot the baseball cap this year, unlike last year, I'll try to use it again next year since the high altitude certainly burns the top of the forehead.