Wednesday, December 30, 2009

JMS System Module Configuration

This week I've been testing a new editor we'll have for our next release to create JMS system modules.

Here's the links I've been using. The first with all the chapters to configure JMS system resources and the second how to start creating one withing the WebLogic Console itself:

There are a multitude of features and settings when configuring a JMS system module.

Maybe even more so then other deployment descriptors like weblogic.xml, weblogic-application.xml or web.xml there are many subfeatures with many configuration choices.

It can be overwhelming.

Besides testing our new JMS module editor I also created a JMS system module within the WLS console to copy from the config/jms folder back into OEPE and test back in our new editor. I was able to create a new connection factory, JMS queue and topic based off a template, SAF agents too... Everything worked well.

Definitely some cool new stuff coming into OEPE!