Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Red Rocks 5K - October 12th

A few days ago I did the Red Rocks 5K with Kary.

Unlike a more likely 5K, this race starts with of a lot of downhill followed by an uphill trudge ending with a stair climb. The race course basically took a clockwise loop around Red Rocks starting in the upper north parking lot and then ending at the top of the amphitheater.

I did plenty of 5Ks in high school and then others throughout the years but this was the most unique grueling course. A lot of 5K courses usually have the same moderate amount of elevation loss and gain - or are basically flat - but this one had the most loss and gain I've ever done. Most courses I've done have had probably 300 feet total of elevation gain and loss but Red Rocks was more like 1000 feet. Most courses have you finish with a flat to moderate grade but Red Rocks was a stair climb to the finish.

With altitude, cold weather and so much climbing it was going to make for an interesting day. Additionally, since some "officials" on the course were not course guides, the group I was in took a wrong turn (while one of these guys was watching us take the wrong turn!) that resulted in us going about a mile extra. Luckily there was another official closer to Morrison Road that turned us around. Regardless, if wasn't pleasant to do an additional mile with so much uphill basically for the last mile and a half. My quads and calves were killing me the next 3 days.

I'd be pissed except that it was for a good cause.

Back in Boulder we were able to pig out on sausage egg cheese muffins and then take a nap later.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trip to Oracle HQ at Redwood Shores, California

I flew to California last week for team training at Oracle headquarters.

I lived in Palo Alto for a year when I was in middle school so I was familiar with the area but some things have changed in the Bay Area the past 25 years.

US-101 is much more hectic and backed up although I think it was still plenty busy back then. We drove to San Francisco two nights for dinner and traffic near Belmont was stop and go till we got closer to downtown S.F.

We did take advantage of some great restaurants when we drove up to S.F. both nights. Swiss Louise was on Pier 39 and had a great view of the bay. I had Linguini and Clams, which was quite good. Wednesday night we went to House of NanKing. The claim to fame for this restaurant - besides its good food - is that you can have the owner order for you. He takes your menus, asks a few questions and entrees for the whole table come out within a few minutes. Definitely a great experience.

There seem to be a greater percentage of other cultures living in the Bay Area. Oracle HQ has a big percentage of people of Chinese and Indian descent. Compared to Boulder - where our offices are predominantly white - it's definitely a different world. Even driving on 101 I could see a greater ethnic melting pot.

Campus was huge with 7 huge cylindrical buildings for workers in addition to smaller periphery buildings. Each tower had a cafeteria on the 1st floor so each day was an opportunity to try some new cuisine.

We may go out for Spring training next year.