Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two lyrics for Tab Benoit songs

I own a lot of albums from Tab Benoit but can't seem to find lyrics for his music in almost all - if not all - of his albums.

I like his live or more live feel albums like: Swampland Jam and The Sea Saint Sessions. Both of these albums don't come with lyric sheets and there's nothing on his website or even on regular Google searches.

I finally decided to write down the lyrics and then post them here. Hopefully they are somewhat correct.

Louisiana Style (1997)

1st verse:

I wanna tell you, just how I feel
I had a dream baby, I thought it was real
I woke up in love, now you’re all I think of

2nd verse:

Every day I’m wasting time
Wondering how, to make you mine
I’m just wishing it could be, you feel the same for me

1st Solo…

3rd verse:

Since that day, I’ve been lost
I jumped on an alligator, I thought it was a horse
I took one hell of a ride, down the Bayou side

4th verse:

If I could take you to the Fado Do
We could dance honey, all across the floor
And we could do it for awhile, Louisiana Style

2nd Solo…

5th verse:

I wanna take you all, to the Fado Do
Where we could dance baby, till we can’t stand no more
I wanna do it for awhile, Lousiana Style

Hustlin’ Down In New Orleans (2003)

1st verse:

I said hustlin’ down in New Orleans
Hustlin Henry gotta tambourine
He shaking them up, shaking them down, shaking everybody all over town
Hustlin’ down in New Orleans

2nd verse:

Hustlin’ down in New Orleans
Hustlin’ Connie down on magazines
She hits you once, she hits you twice, she’s going to hit you for the rest of your life
Hustlin’ down in New Orleans


Well I never made it across the tracks, but I can hear the whistle blowing right out back
Close enough to be on the scene, far enough to keep myself clean


3rd verse:

Said hustlin’ down in New Orleans
Hustlin’ down on, on the corner scene
Put up a dollar ‘cause your bound to lose, when they try to tell you where you got your shoes

Chorus repeat:

2nd Solo…

Said hustlin’ down in New Orleans (repeat 3 times)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Conundrum Hot Springs Weekend

We did a backpacking trip last weekend to Conundrum Hot Springs. It's a classic trip although quite arduous if you have quite a bit of weight on your back.

Five people were in our party: me, David, Emily, Amy, and Tanya.

Total days being away from Boulder was 4. We left Thursday afternoon and returned Sunday evening.

Thursday night we camped out near Gothic which left us 3 full days of backpacking.

Either way you do it the length of the hike is equivalent from either Aspen or Crested Butte: about a 17 mile round trip.  The kicker is that the hike from Gothic entails a trip over Triangle Pass which is close to 13 thousand feet.  Some people might have a little more trouble with that