Monday, July 28, 2008

Wal-Mart and Swimming

After dinner Friday night Kary and I did the Longmont Wal-Mart tour.

There are two: 1) the first off of Hover Avenue, and 2) the second off of north Main Street.

Longmont has a regular one and a Super Wal-mart.  The first stays open till 10 PM on Friday nights and the super-dooper one stays open 24 hours a day.

There's quite a bit of community to Wal-mart on a Friday night. You might think that these convenience centers might be dead-quiet and lack foot traffic.

The one off of Hover had two women discussing one's 17 year old daughter. Also there seemed to be some traffic in the electronics section with some kids playing console games.

The Super Wal-mart definitely had even more traffic than the first. People were buying all sorts of goods to fill up their plastic shopping bags.

It seems that Wal-mart has replaced an element of the community center or just local indoor shopping mall. People now can feel comfortable by congregating (and consuming) at their local Wal-mart. It's very sociable and acceptable to go there during later evening hours and you'll probably encounter a friend who's doing shopping there too.

For something a little more enjoyable we did go swimming both Saturday and Sunday at the local swimming pool.  We've had 15+ days of 90 degree heat on the Front Range and swimming can definitely be a fun activity. Although it's smaller than a community pool it was quite fun to take a dip, sun ourselves and then repeat.

Yes, Colorado even needs swimming pools during those hot days of July and August :)