Thursday, March 06, 2008

February 21st - 24th - Salt Lake City

Two weeks ago I took an extended weekend to fly out to Salt Lake City.

If you've never been to the Wasatch Front to go skiing you're definitely missing out.

One of the nicest resorts to ski is Solitude. It's a 12 mile drive up big Cottonwood Canyon but it's well worth it; especially the Honeycomb Bowl. If you consider that a long drive then you've never had to do the Front Range madness commute during the weekends - or even the weekdays. When you have to do 25 miles versus 80 miles it makes for a more pleasant skiing day and makes you more motivated to go skiing too.

The fact that it snowed while we were in Salt Lake didn't hurt either. On Friday and Sunday when I skied the conditions were amazing since it was snowing while we skied and the prior nights had left plenty of untracked fresh powder.